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The India-UK Water Centre's activities include workshops, exchange schemes, user engagement initiatives and pump-priming projects designed to support collaboration between UK and India water security researchers.  These activities are initiated from the wider Indian-UK water research community and delivered with support from the IUKWC.  Each activity is required to map onto one or more of the IUKWC's scientific themes.

How to participate in the Centre's activities

The IUKWC runs calls that allow the community to submit proposals to run or participate in its activities.

Participation in the Centre's workshops is open to all in the community to apply to attend, but requires (free) registration on the Open Network of Water Scientists first.

The Centre supports members of the community who run activities by providing funding and helping facilitated delivery of these activities in India or the UK. Calls to run activities are normally made twice a year and are either Open Calls or Focused Topic Calls to ensure the Centre delivers a balanced portfolio of activities across its scientific themes.


The India-UK Water Centre is arranging a workshop on Enhancing Freshwater Monitoring through Earth Observation was held in Stirling, UK  19th – 21st June 2017.

19 Jun 2017 (All day) | 20 Jun 2017 (All day) | 21 Jun 2017 (All day)

The aims of the workshop were to bring together scientists to explore the scientific challenges involved in the production, translation, distribution and use of climate information and tools to inform decision making in the Indian and UK water sectors.

29 Nov 2016 (All day) | 30 Nov 2016 (All day) | 1 Dec 2016 (All day)

Researcher Exchanges Summaries

Details of the successful applicants to the first IUKWC call for Researcher Exchanges can be found here

Pump Priming Projects

Two Pump Priming projects have been funded by the IUKWC; Details can be found here

User Engagement Initiative -1

IUKWC Open Network members and stakeholders of the India-UK Water Safety Sector are invited to participate in the development of IUKWC User Interaction Initiative-1 (UEI-1) to make decisions in the Indo-UK Water Security Sector and Prioritized stakeholders can be involved in technical reforms. IUKWC's user engagement initiative focuses primarily on translating the results of India-UK science to policy / operational practice. These initiatives have been made to bring together scientists, policy makers and stakeholders such as regulators, commercial companies, grass-root communities etc. to support either:

a) translation and communication for Users of India-UK Water Safety Science
b)collecting inputs of stakeholder's needs for future research and renewal.

IUKWC is planning to design its first UEE (UEE-1) on the basis of feedback from members of its 'Open Network of India-UK Water Scientists'. An online survey was conducted between members of the IUKWC Open Network, in which a subject and the category of stakeholders will be identified whose focus will be focused on the first user engagement initiative.