Photo of a sunset over boats on the River Assam

This section of the website provides details of activities and events run by the Centre, as well as relevant events organised by others.

User Engagement Initiatives

IUKWC, under its User Engagement Initiative (UEI) programme hosted an event in Kochi, Kerala, India in January 2018 to engage with regional level water policy and management bodies for Improving freshwater monitoring frameworks and data for research and management. Targeted activities will be conducted by a panel of experts which has been selected based on their expertise and IUKWC Open Network Profile. The event is by invitation only due to its small size and targeted nature.


Jun 19 2017 (All day) | Jun 20 2017 (All day) | Jun 21 2017 (All day)
Nov 29 2016 (All day) | Nov 30 2016 (All day) | Dec 1 2016 (All day)