Pump Priming Project 3 : Synergistic utilisation of EO-based soil moisture observations: Applications in the UK and India


भारतीय गतिविधि में अग्रणी नाम: 

Dr. Manika Gupta

भारतीय गतिविधि में अग्रणी संस्थान: 

University of Delhi, New Delhi

यूके गतिविधि में अग्रणी नाम: 

Dr. Emma Tebbs

यूके गतिविधि में अग्रणी संस्थान: 

Kings College, London

There is a wealth of expertise in the science of remote sensing for freshwater monitoring in both the UK and India, but what is comparatively lacking is the application of EO technologies and products in an operational context. Potential barriers to uptake included limited ground-truth data for validation, lack of awareness on available products and the need for better training This project will seek to investigate barriers and user requirements in more detail and to investigate where EO products can be applied to improve monitoring and forecasting.

गतिविधि का तिथि पंचांग: 

शुक्रवार, दिसंबर 1, 2017 to बृहस्पतिवार, मई 31, 2018