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The IUKWC supports the translation and communication of outcomes from India-UK water research to users via directed User Engagement Initiatives. These initiatives focus on translating the results of India-UK science into policy/operational practice and are designed to bring together scientists with policy makers, regulators or commercial companies to support either: a) the translation and communication of India-UK water security science to users or b) collect input on stakeholder needs for future research and innovation.

User Engagement Initiatives may take the form of one-day knowledge exchange conferences or more targeted stakeholder missions by a small number of scientists to present scientific outputs to a specific organisation.  Topics for these initiatives are directed by the IUKWC and usually build upon the outputs of a Workshop/Researcher Exchange or a specific request from the User Community. All User Engagement Initiatives should comprise at least one UK and one Indian collaborator as Activity Leads.

User Engagement Initiative -1

IUKWC Open Network members and stakeholders of the India-UK Water Safety Sector are invited to participate in the development of IUKWC User Interaction Initiative-1 (UEI-1) to make decisions in the Indo-UK Water Security Sector and Prioritized stakeholders can be involved in technical reforms. IUKWC's user engagement initiative focuses primarily on translating the results of India-UK science to policy / operational practice. These initiatives have been made to bring together scientists, policy makers and stakeholders such as regulators, commercial companies, grass-root communities etc. to support either:

a) translation and communication for Users of India-UK Water Safety Science
b)collecting inputs of stakeholder's needs for future research and renewal.

IUKWC is planning to design its first UEE (UEE-1) on the basis of feedback from members of its 'Open Network of India-UK Water Scientists'. An online survey was conducted between members of the IUKWC Open Network, in which a subject and the category of stakeholders will be identified whose focus will be focused on the first user engagement initiative.